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Apr 22


Green Barbados by Jeanne Opgenhaffen


Green Barbados by Jeanne Opgenhaffen

"Damn, that white girl got some ASS."


Jo In Hyuk (South Korea)

Using the simplicity of finely-traced lines and solid colour palettes, South Korean artist and art director Jo In Hyuk explores a range of emotional states with striking portrait illustrations that are as beautiful as they are thoughtful.

Jo’s digital work revolves around the values of youth, sexuality and vulnerability – complex themes that he approaches with awe-inspiring ease, as he represents suffering and grief with a quiet, heavy and almost disturbing dramatic feel. The level of the emotion within Jo’s work is made all the more mesmerising by the deep and enigmatic expressions of the subjects he paints, that one cannot help but feel connected to and struck by.

Although his pastel-coloured illustrations immerse the viewer within dream-like narratives, they are also convincing takes on the raw and real emotions, secrets and states of mind that we hide away from the world – characteristics which ultimately lend his work a particularly magical appeal.

With their fragility and finesse, Jo’s illustrations are subtle echoes of sadness, nostalgia and pain and appear incredibly discreet; yet, beneath their soft appearance, they also contain powerful messages that each of us could identify with and that won’t fail to stun the unsuspecting viewer. Jo speaks with clarity and confidence through his illustrations which, even if developed around more mature themes, always remain innocent and deeply touching.

Our sincere thanks to Abbie Cohen from NeverLazy Magazine for this Art review for Artchipel’s Art Writer’s Wednesday #19.

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Home is these feet
These feet
Foundation for my wandering
Blistered and sore
Ever taking me further than before
These feet

Home is these thighs
These thighs
Propelling me through rainstorms
Bouncing over the gutters
They ache as I reach one more floor
These thighs

Home is this belly
This belly
My buddha-teacher
My peek into human nature
Showing what you want me for
This belly

Home is these arms
These arms
Empty with lonely space
Powerfully holding you up
And then helping you out the front door
These arms

Home is these hands
These hands
Offering warmth to heal what ails
Picking chanterelles and cracking oysters
And caressing the skin of those I adore
These hands

Home is this head
This head
When I wearily forget where home is
I look down at all that I am
Knowing that I need nothing more
This head

“If it is right, it happens — The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away.” John Steinbeck, on Falling in Love: A 1958 Letter

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Apr 21


We asked twenty strangers to kiss for the first time….

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